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Thunder Thunder Tea

ANYCUP Tea Basket

ANYCUP Tea Basket

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Easy, intuitive loose-leaf tea brewing:

1. Dose leaves into the basket
2. Sit the basket on the edge of your mug
3. Pour your brewing liquid, cover with lid (optional)
4. Start your timer
5. When the brew time is done, lift basket out, flip the lid to create a saucer, set the basket on the lid-saucer.
6. Enjoy!
7. Repeat steps 1-6 for teas that mention multiple steeps!

Durable, easy to wash, and provides lots of room for your quality tea leaves to fully open up and extract for maximum flavor in your cup.


  • Stainless steel basket and lid
  • Lid fits both as a cover for the basket during brewing, or as a drip-saucer when flipped over to hold the used basket after brewing
  • Silicon-gloved "ears" on both sides of the bowl for easy handling when hot, and rests easily on most drinking vessels

Use + Care

  • Handwash only with water and soap, then leave to air dry.
  • NOT FOR USE in microwaves nor dishwashers.

Water matters!

Quality water is just as important as quality tea when it comes to your brew. Here's what we recommend:

  • Filtered Water - standard home filtration systems, Brita, Hydros, you name it. Filter that isht!
  • Spring Water - have access to bottled spring water, or have an actual clear spring by where you live? Try brewing with spring water and unlock unique sweetness in your cup!
  • Reverse Osmosis - RO filtration systems are standard for tea and coffee shops, and provide the most consistently great water for brewing any of your favorite drinks. For your home, counter-top as well as below-the-counter systems are great to help step up your water game!
  • Customized Recipes - are you a budding scientist? Check out custom water recipe kits like Lotus and Third Wave Water

Local Pickup

If you’re local to the State College area, we’ve partnered with Chew Chew Bun as our official pickup location! Chew Chew Bun is a locally owned Taiwanese bakery + coffee shop in the heart of the downtown area (115 E. Beaver Ave.)

Tea is that much better with delicious pastries, so be sure to pick up some noms with your order!

The pickup tray is on top of the pastry case on the left side of the counter. Look for your name and order number!

Chew Chew Bun Pickup Spot | Downtown State College
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