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Thunder Thunder Tea

Hario 600ml (2.5 cup) Teapot

Hario 600ml (2.5 cup) Teapot

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Great for:

  • Brewing 2 cups at a time

  • Cold Brewing in the fridge

  • Brewing tea concentrate

Easy, intuitive loose-leaf tea brewing:

1. Dose leaves into the basket
2. Pour your brewing liquid, cover with lid
3. Start your timer
4. When the brew time is done, lift basket out, flip the lid to create a saucer, set the basket on the lid-saucer.
5. Enjoy!
6. Repeat steps 1-6 for teas that mention multiple steeps!

Durable, easy to wash, and provides lots of room for your quality tea leaves to fully open up and extract for maximum flavor in your cup.


  • Polypropylene infuser with polyester mesh
  • Heatproof Glass carafe with handle (can withstand up to 284 degrees F)
  • Lid fits both as a cover for the basket during brewing, or as a drip-saucer when flipped over to hold the used basket after brewing
  • Designed for use in microwave (great for broths, herbal brews)

Use + Care

  • Handwash: water and soap, then leave to air dry.
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave-safe
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